Analyzing sugarcane production contracts in Brazil: What do the farmers really want?

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June 2016
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Ana Claudia Sant’Anna
Jason Scott Bergtold
Marcellus M. Caldas
Gabriel Granço
Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics

Brazil is one of the world's leadinh ethanol producer, primarly from sugarcane, and was responsable for almost half of the world's sugarcane production in 2012 (Brazil 2013). The sygar-energy sector in Brazil accounts for approximately 2% of the country's Gross Domestic Produc (Neves, Trombin, Consoli, 2011). Braziliam ethanol is produced from sugarcane, a crop that since its introduction in the country, has expanded from the North-Northeast Region to the Center-Southeast, particularly into the Cerrado region, the country's second largest biome.



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