Environmental impacts and policy responses to Covid-19: A view from Latin America

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São Paulo School of Economics FGV
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July 2020
Paper author(s): 
Alejandro López-Feldman
Carlos Chávez
María Alejandra Vélez
Hernán Bejarano
Ariaster B. Chimeli
José Féres
Juan Robalino
Rodrigo Salcedo
César Viteri
Education - Health
Environmental Economics

COVID-19 is currently having major short run effects with possible serious long run consequences on economic and social aspects, including several potential implications for the environment and the management of natural resources in Latin America. In this paper, we discuss the possible effects of the pandemic on air pollution, deforestation and other relevant environmental dimensions across the region. With contributions from environmental economists from eight countries, we give an overview of the initial and expected environmental effects of this health crisis. We discuss potential effects on environmental regulations and possible policy interventions, as well as an agenda for future research for those interested in the design and evaluation of environmental policies relevant for the Latin American context.


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