Remote talks: changes to economics seminars during Covid-19

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London School of Economics
Available from: 
April 2021
Paper author(s): 
Marcus Biermann

This paper documents the changing nature of seminars in economics organized by institutions worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of seminars held decreased by approximately 20 percent. The composition of seminar speakers changed significantly. Leading top economists in terms of overall output gave relatively fewer seminars, whereas the share of seminars held by top young economists increased. The share of seminars held by women increased in relative terms, but not in absolute terms. Moving from in person seminar delivery to online delivery of seminars caused a significant shift in the geography of knowledge dissemination. The distance between host and speaker institutions increased on average by 20 percent. The share of seminars held across countries’ borders increased modestly by 2.9 per-cent.


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