Women Economists in Latin America and the Caribbean (WELAC)

During the meeting of the Executive Committee of LACEA in Guayaquil, November 2018, a new committee was created, under the leadership of Raquel Fernández (Silver Professor of Economics at New York University; then Vice President of LACEA). This committee, WELAC - Women Economists in Latin America and the Caribbean - is dedicated to monitoring and encouraging the careers of women economists in Latin America and the Caribbean.


  1. WELAC organized a Workshop on “Gender Inequality” at the RIDGE 2022 Virtual Forum on June 3, 2022. The Workshop encouraged the submission of papers that examine gender implications broadly defined from all fields in economics. Full program of the event can be viewed here.


  1. WELAC organized a Workshop on “Gender Inequality” at the RIDGE 2021 Virtual Forum on September 23, 2021. Eight papers were presented with topics related to: behavior within the household, sexual safety and the gender gap. Full program of the event can be viewed here.
  2. WELAC conducted a Mentoring Session on October 21, 2021 during LACEA-LAMES 2021 Annual Meeting. The session gathered around 60 attendees between mentors and mentees; and the main discussed topics were Efficient teaching, Grant proposals and publishing, Tenure/promotion, and Work and life balance. More information can be found here.


The First meeting of WELAC was organized on November 8th, 2019, where both female and male economists attended. The meeting started with a general discussion aimed at identifying the main topics/issues that WELAC should take up. It was followed by a mentoring session for junior and mid-career economists.