LACEA's Londoño Prize is designed to honor the memory and contribution of Juan Luis Londoño, and to encourage high quality and policy relevant research on socioeconomic issues relevant to Latin America.

Criteria and Procedures 

i.       The prize will be awarded to the best paper presented at the LACEA's Annual Conference on social policy by young researchers (up to 40 years old) relevant to Latin America and close to the research and policy interest of Juan Luis Londoño. 

ii.        The prize will be awarded in odd years. 

iii.    The Conference organizers will choose the winner, and there will be a medal awarded.

iv.     The selection will become effective automatically.


Previous Recipients of the Juan Luis Londoño Prize 


2019 Paper: "Broadcasting Education: The Long-Term Effects of Mexico's Telesecundarias"

       Author: Raissa Fabregas


2017 Paper: "Bittersweet: how prices of sugar-rich foods contribute to the diet-related disease epidemic in Mexico"
Author: Tadeja Gracner


2015 Paper: "School Vouchers, Labor Markets and Vocational Education"
Co-authors: Eric Bettinger (Stanford) 
                  Michael Kremer (Harvard University) 

                        Maurice Kugler (UNDP) 

                        Carlos Medina (Banco de la República - Colombia) 

                        Christian Posso (Banco de la República - Colombia)

                        Juan Esteban Saavedra (University of Southern California)


2013 Francois Bourguignon (PSE)




In 2022, the WELAC team conducted a comprehensive survey across 10 Latin American countries, targeting universities and research centers. It seeks to foster discussions on gender representation within the field and contribute essential data for the development of effective policies. ACCESS THE REPORT HERE

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LACEA Statement

The undersigned members of the Executive Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) hereby express their great dismay over the recent set of actions led by Conacyt and the Mexican Government against CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas). We also condemn the broader attacks on and suppression of the freedom of academics nationwide in Mexico. 

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