Towards the measurement of electromobility in international trade. An interactive online dashboard

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July 2022
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Ira Ronzheimer
José Durán Lima
Cristóbal Budnevich
Matthew Gomies
Globalization - Trade

The dashboard presented here was developed in the framework of a collaboration project between ECLAC and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on electromobility in Latin America. The dashboard represents the visualization of a methodology proposed for analysing trade flows in electric bus components in Latin America and worldwide in order to evaluate the productive capacity of Latin American countries in this area. The required components have accordingly been disaggregated into three levels: processed and semi-processed components and raw materials. The dashboard captures the complexity of this methodology and makes it accessible to policymakers and entrepreneurs, who can use it to evaluate their country’s or business’s potential to participate in the value chain of electric buses.


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