Decentralized Governance and Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

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November 2022
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María Dolores Almeida
Huáscar Eguino
Juan Luis Gómez Reino
Axel Radics
Environmental Economics
Politics and Economy

This paper looks at climate change in decentralized Latin American and Caribbean countries to address two main goals. First, to systematize the main subnational climate initiatives in fiscal decentralization, administrative decentralization, and intergovernmental coordination implemented in the LAC region. Second, to contribute prospectively with potential lines of action related to decentralization and climate change policy measures that will make it possible to sustain the current achievements, as well as to manage climate related risks in the future. Three central questions are explored: How involved have subnational governments been in managing the response to climate change in terms of mitigation and adaptation in LAC? What fiscal decentralization policies and instruments support the development and implementation of SNG climate actions? What policies and instruments of administrative decentralization support the development and implementation of the SNGs climate actions? The authors offer a series of seven prospective actions to address these questions.


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