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The LACEA’s Health Economics network will bring together economists and other social scientist from Latin America and the Caribbean and other parts of the world working on health issues in order to build a community of practice to promote quality research in health economics in LAC and contribute towards stronger health systems.

Directors: Ana Balsa (Universidad de Montevideo) and Dolores de la Mata (CAF).

Health Economics Network's Annual Meetings

1st Health Economics Network Meeting, Bogota, Colombia, October 4-5, 2018.
[Call for Papers] Deadline extended to June 15, 2018!!!

LACEA's Working Papers Series

LACEA has decided to create its own Working Paper Series (LACEA.WPS) and publish high quality (but not yet peer-reviewed) research produced by a selected group of academics, with the main objetive to create goodwill which contributes to the rapid dissemination and discussion of research, which in turn enhances the name of the institution and widens its membership. LACEA's Associates, who were previously selected by the Executive Committee, have the exclusive right to publish their research in LACEA.WPS without any further a priori filter (although subject to the editorial guidelines and a posteriori revision if the case arises). To browse recent Working Papers by topic, author or year, please click here.

LACEA's Memorabilia

A brief history of LACEA in photos:


The idea of creating LACEA was born in Tabard Inn. One coaster from the Inn is treasured by Sebastian Edwards until now.


First LACEA's President Albert Fishlow and Vice-President Nora Lustig at LACEA 1996 Meeting in Mexico City.



LACEA 1997 Meeting in Bogota, Colombia with Nora Lustig as the President of the Association.


Veronica Rappaport

Veronica Rappoport

Veronica Rappoport is an Associate Professor in the Management Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a Research Fellow at the Center for Economics Performance (CEP) and the Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Prior joining the LSE in 2012, she was an Assistant Professor in the Economics and Finance Department at Columbia Business School. She obtained her PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2005. Her research is on international economics and finance. The unifying theme of Veronica’s research agenda is the participation of firms in global markets in its multiple dimensions: their usage of credit, their innovation decisions, and their strategies for internationalization. She has publications on those topics in top academic journals as the Review of Economic Studies, the Journal of International Economics, the Journal of Monetary Economics, and Management Science. Veronica has taught MBA courses on “Global Economic Environment” as well as master courses on “Business in the Global Economy” and “The World Trading System”.