Call for Papers
III Meeting of the Network on Inequality and Poverty (NIP)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 11, 2000

I. Description of the selection procedure used to identify researches:

Grant Proposals

To encourage large-small country collaboration in economic research on the issues of poverty and inequality in the Latin American and Caribbean region, NIP invited submission of project proposals. Projects on macroeconomic, microeconomic and institutional aspects of poverty and inequality were be considered. Topics included but were not limited to:

  • Individual and Intergenerational Mobility: transitory and permanent poverty, and effects on inequality

  • Measuring the Impact of Social Programs: Partial and general equilibrium impact evaluation of Targeted Human Development Programs (i.e. targeted social programs that aim at developing human capital of the poor such as Progresa in Mexico, PRAF in Honduras, and Bolsa Escola programs in Brazil)

  • Social Impact of Crime and Violence

  • Political Economy of Reforms

  • Redistributive impact of alternative tax systems

  • Privatization and access to basic infrastructure for the poor

  • Use of credit as a vulnerability reducing mechanism

Research projects were selected through an open competitive bidding process. The top four qualifying research projects were eligible for monetary support. Proposals specified length of the project, participants and outputs. Preference may be given to excellent economic research proposals linking researchers in 2 or more countries.

The papers that will be presented at the LACEA and NIP day sessions were selected by the NIP Selection Committee through a competitive process.

Selection Committee:
Arianna Legovini
Ariel Fiszbein
Nancy Birdsall
François Bourguignon
Regalia Ferdinando
Raquel Fernandez
Francisco Ferreira
Gloria Martha Rubio Soto
Michael Walton
Marcelo Neri
Nora Lustig
Ricardo Paes de Barros
Quentin T. Wodon


LACEA is now accepting proposals for hosting its annual meetings for the next two years. The LACEA Annual Meeting takes place over 3 days, usually in early November. Candidates interested in hosting one of the next LACEA conferences are kindly asked to submit a proposal to The Executive Committee will carefully review each proposal. Please consult the summary information on the conferences provided here before preparing your submission, and do not hesitate to contact us at if you need any additional information.

LACEA Statement

The undersigned members of the Executive Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) hereby express their great dismay over the recent set of actions led by Conacyt and the Mexican Government against CIDE (Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas). We also condemn the broader attacks on and suppression of the freedom of academics nationwide in Mexico. 

Read the full statement here

Carlos Vegh is the recipient of the Carlos Díaz-Alejandro Prize this year. Carlos is a world renown economist who has written extensively on topics that touch the heart of LAC macroeconomics: from hyperinflation, to balance of payment crises, currency substitution, fiscal policy, and exchange rate policy.  He has contributed extensively to public goods, serving as editor to the top journals in development and international economics as well as to Economía and as a mentor to many students and junior faculty. We are proud to have him as a member of LACEA. 

Economia, the journal of LACEA is accepting submissions at any time. Submissions should be done electronically in the following link. For more information, please click here.