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The Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association or Asociación de Economía de América Latina y el Caribe (LACEA) is an international association of economists with common research interests in Latin America. It was formed in 1992 to facilitate the exchange of ideas among economists and policymakers. For more information about LACEA, preview its history and Bylaws. We also invite you to join LACEA.

LACEA is generously supported by grants from The World Bank, The Inter-American Development Bank, The Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and other organizations that are willing to support LACEA's future. Click here to read more about LACEA's supporters.

LACEA Annual Meetings

The 25th Annual LACEA Meeting 2020
 will take place in Miami, Florida, hosted by University of Miami. More information soon.

The 24th Annual LACEA Meeting 2019 took place in Puebla, Mexico on November 7th-9th, hosted by Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and Colegio de Economistas del Estado de Puebla. For more information click here.

The 23rd Annual LACEA Meeting 2018 took place in Guayaquil, Ecuador on November 8th-10th, hosted by Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, ESPOL. For more information click here.

The 22nd Annual LACEA Meeting 2017 took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 8th-11th, hosted by Universidad San Andrés. For more information click here.

The 21st Annual LACEA Meeting 2016 took place in Medellín, Colombia on November 10th-12th, hosted by Universidad Eafit.  For more information click here.

For further information about previous meetings click here

LACEA Sponsored Networks

Currently, LACEA sponsors ten networks in the field of Capacity Building. Each Network - Inequality and Poverty, Political Economy, Trade, integration and Growth in Latin America, Impact Evaluation, Finance Camps, America Latina Crime and Policy, Labor Network, Health Economics Network, Behavioral Economics Network and Economic History Network - holds annual meetings in different regions of Latin America. All the details related to the LACEA's Networks, can be found here.

Economia, the Journal of LACEA 

Economía is the journal of LACEA. Launched in 2000, ECONOMIA publishes 2 issues per year. It has become the outlet of choice for some of the best research conducted in and on Latin America or relevant for the region. Published by the Brookings Press, Economía publishes peer-reviewed research papers covering a range of topics in applied and empirical economics that are of policy relevance to Latin America. Economía’s emphasis is on rigorous applied theoretical or quantitative work that uses modern analytical tools and, possibly, novel or underexploited databases. Consistent with its aim, the journal also publishes critical surveys of work on policy-relevant areas. The journal welcomes submission on any area of macroeconomics, microeconomics, or finance and at any time. For more information, please click here.

LACER-LACEA Repository

LACER-LACEA digital repository is a network that provides access to other repositories containing books, reports, journals, working papers and databases on Latin American economic and related topics, produced for public use by international organizations and academic institutions. Administered by LACEA and with the initial support of international organizations such as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the first phase of the LACER-LACEA project is currently launched. By extending and improving access to research on Latin America, the LACER-LACEA network aims to encourage use of knowledge in effective and innovative ways, in order to help solve economic and social problems and, ultimately, improve people's lives. For more information click here.  

LACEA's Prizes

Carlos Diaz-Alejandro Prize

LACEA's Diaz-Alejandro Prize is designed to honor the memory and contribution of Carlos Diaz-Alejandro, and to encourage high quality research on economic issues relevant to Latin America. Please click here, to read more about this rize and its winners.

Juan Luis Londoño Prize

LACEA's Londoño Prize is designed to honor the memory and contribution of Juan Luis Londoño, and to encourage high quality and policy relevant research on socioeconomic issues relevant to Latin America. Please click here, to read more about this rize and its winners.





Economia, the journal of LACEA is accepting submissions at any time. Submissions should be done electronically in the following link. For more information, please click here.

Forthcoming Economía Papers:

1. "Heterogeneous Effects of Chinese Import Competition on Chilean Manufacturing Plants" by Andrés Manuel Cesar (CEDLAS-UNLP-Argentina) and Guillermo Falcone (CEDLAS-UNLP-Argentina) View Paper

2. "The Drivers and Cosequences of Resource Missalocation" by Florian Misch (International Monetary Fund-USA) and Christian Saborowski (International Monetary Fund-USA) View Paper 

3. "Strategic Debt and Unified Governments: Evidence from Latin American Presidential Transitions" by Pablo Garofalo (New Jersey City University, School of Business-USA) View Paper


The Global Development Network is calling for expressions of interest from research teams based in research institutions in developing countries to act as national focal points for GDN’s Doing Research Program. As National Focal Points, the teams would be expected to mobilize research and have experience in research of the education, research or innovation sectors of their countries. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Click here to apply 

LACEA has established itself as the leading association of economists interested in the problems of economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have contributed to strengthening ties between the research community and economic decision makers in the region and we have fostered debate and dissemination of better economic and social policies based on economic research. Yet, during the last few years, we struggled to find a permanent sponsor, who would help us maintain these activities. Therefore, we kindly ask you to help us make LACEA financially sustainable for the years to come. Please take one minute to donate. Every contribution counts. Thank you!