The LACEA Economic History Network (LACEA-EHN) seeks to promote research on all areas of economic, social, business, and financial history, with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. We believe that studying the region's past is key to better understand its present. In this line of thought, important areas of study include colonization and colonial legacies, institutions, growth patterns, inequality, political cycles, culture, gender disparities, migration, conflict, and infrastructure development. 

The network aims to engage with leading scholars in the field as well as to foster young researchers. We also aim to collaborate with other regional networks and institutions, and to encourage scholarly exchanges all across the social sciences.

The LACEA-EHN was founded in 2016 by José Antonio Ocampo, Luis Bértola and Luis Ignacio Jácome. The network heads are currently María del Pilar López Uribe (Universidad de los Andes), Martin Fiszbein (Boston University) and Felipe Valencia Caicedo (University of British Columbia).

Economic History Network's Annual Meetings

2nd Economic History Network Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 10, 2017.
[Call for Papers] [Program]

1st Economic History Network Meeting, Medellín, Colombia, November 9, 2016.
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The committee for Women Economists in Latin America and the Caribbean (WELAC) is the new committee dedicated to monitoring and encouraging the careers of women economists in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have two events planned for 2021, check them out here.

Job Market Showcase

LACEA and RIDGE will have on October 25-26 2021, the First Annual Job Market Showcase (JMS). The JMS is intended to highlight the best work being done by LAC PhD students going to the job market that year as well as that being done by job market PhD students from anywhere working on LAC-related issues. For more information please click here.

COVID-19 Resources

During this troubled period, sharing knowledge is more important than ever. LACEA presents a web-page that lists the latest published Blogs, websites of Webinars and the Latest Research on the pandemia. Stay safe! Access the COVID-19 web-page here.


Economia, the journal of LACEA is accepting submissions at any time. Submissions should be done electronically in the following link. For more information, please click here.




LACEA has established itself as the leading association of economists interested in the problems of economic and social development in Latin America and the Caribbean. We have contributed to strengthening ties between the research community and economic decision makers in the region and we have fostered debate and dissemination of better economic and social policies based on economic research. Yet, during the last few years, we struggled to find a permanent sponsor, who would help us maintain these activities. Therefore, we kindly ask you to help us make LACEA financially sustainable for the years to come. Please take one minute to donate. Every contribution counts. Thank you!