Call for Papers
Third UTDT Workshop in International Economics and Finance

Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 21-24, 2000

Third UTDT Workshop in International Economics and Finance will be held at Universidad T. Di Tella in Buenos Aires during the week August 21-24, 2000. This Workshop is the Summer Edition of the Camps in International Economics and Finance sponsored by LACEA and is organized by the Center for International Economics at the University of Maryland and the Department of Economics at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella.

The workshop is a unique event that brings together top researchers, financiers, and policymakers from the North and the South to discuss recent theoretical and empirical advances in International Economics and Finance. The goal of these meetings is to gain a better understanding of the macroeconomic problems faced by Latin American countries and to encourage research on the subject. The program's format will be similar to that of our past meetings in Buenos Aires, Paracas, and Cartagena (for details on 99 at Di Tella visit

Three days will be devoted to pure brainstorming among campers, and one to a conference open to the public. The morning of each brainstorming day will be devoted to the presentation of three papers, while the afternoons will be free for informal interactions, and playing around Buenos Aires. Evenings are for wining, dining and Tango. If you are a skier, you can ski the Andes during the weekend.
A program committee formed by Guillermo Calvo, Enrique Mendoza, Andrés Neumeyer, and Carlos Vegh will select the papers in the brain storming session. We welcome theoretical and empirical research relevant for understanding the macroeconomic problems faced by Latin American countries. Possible topics include business cycles and unemployment in emerging economies, the choice of a monetary and exchange rate regime, capital flows and asset prices in emerging markets (country risk), the stability of the financial system, balance of payments crises, and the international financial architecture. A special emphasis will be placed in attracting young scholars.

The conference open to the public will include policy makers as well as academics, and will have an entirely different format. It will preferably be in Spanish, and the presentations will be policy oriented. The focus will be on monetary policy in emerging economies and the choice of an exchange rate regime. The invitation does not require presenting a paper. Actually, we anticipate that there will be more participants than the nine papers that we will be able to accommodate during the brainstorming sessions. Thus, the only requirement is your willingness to be an active participant during those three days. (If you don't want or can't stay for the conference open to the public, which will take place the last day of the program, it is just as well with us too, subject to having enough volunteers). For academic participants, we expect to be able to offer hotel accommodations and a round-trip economy class (cheapest) airfare. We urge you to find other sources of funds to cover transportation costs, as we are running this on a limited budget. Please, send us an email indicating your willingness to participate in the summer camp to by February 28, 2000. If you would like to present a paper, send also a title and an abstract. The submission deadline for papers is July 7, 2000. Papers (rough preliminary drafts are acceptable) must be submitted in PDF format to

The last camp in Buenos Aires was a success, and we have every reason to believe that the next Summer Camp will not disappoint us. Besides, Buenos Aires will be gorgeous in August!

With our best wishes,

Guillermo Calvo
niversity of Maryland

Andy Neumeyer
Universidad Di Tella