Call for Papers
III Meeting of the
Political Economy Network (joint with  Network on Inequality and Poverty)

Lima, Peru, June 21-23, 2001

LACEA’s Political Economy Group met for the first and second time in Cartagena, Colombia in August, 1998 and April 2000, respectively. The third meeting is scheduled to take place in Lima, June 21st-23rd, 2001 and will be a joint venture of the Political Economy Group (PEG) and the Network of Inequality and Poverty (NIP). The meeting will be organized by the Group of Analysis for Development (GRADE). This workshop is possible thanks to grants provided by LACEA, Inter American Development Bank in order to support the Network of Poverty and Inequality and additional funds by the World Bank.

In addition to four invited papers, we expect to have fourteen additional papers, selected through a competitive process. The organization has some funds with which to partially finance the travel expenses of those participants who are not able to obtain complete financial support from their institutions.

The main topic of the conference will be the Political Economy of the Delivery of Social Services. The papers that will be considered may address political economy problems related to health, education, access to infrastructure, social insurance or social assistance, including the wider process of institutional reforms and institutional design.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract and paper, please do so no later than March 30, 2001. The selection process, which will be based on the papers themselves, should be completed by May 14, 2001. Strict compliance with the deadline is necessary in order to eventually apply for financial support.

Abstracts and proposals should be send by e-mail to:

Maximo Torero

Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE)

Adobe acrobat submissions are encouraged.

Any additional information can be found at the conference web site:

Maximo Torero
Investigador Principal
Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo-GRADE
Telf:  (51-1)264-1780   Fax: (51-1)264-1882