Call for Papers
The IX Workshop in International Economics and Finance organized by Universidad T.
Di Tella, Banco Central de Chile, The World Bank, and Inter American Development Bank will be held at the Banco Central de Chile in Santiago de Chile on March 16-19, 2007.

The workshop is a unique event that brings together top researchers and policy makers from the North and the South to discuss recent theoretical and empirical advances in International Economics and Finance. The goal of these meetings is to gain a better understanding of the macroeconomic problems faced by Latin American countries and to encourage research on the subject. The program's format will be similar to that of our past meetings. We will discuss nine academic papers in closed seminar style sessions and there will be some sessions of a more applied nature open to a broader audience. On Sunday, March 19th, we are planning a social/tourist activity that is likely to be in Valparaiso.

We welcome papers on international economics, macroeconomics and finance that address issues of relevance for the economies of Latin America. Some topics of special interest are:

Macroeconomic management of terms of trade shocks.
Monetary policy in emerging economies.
Fiscal policy in Latin America: theory and empirical regularities.
Models of credit markets and economic activity.
Openness and growth.Sovereign debt and sovereign debt restructuring: new problems, new theories and new empirical evidence.

A program committee formed by Guillermo Calvo, Tito Cordella, José de Gregorio, Enrique Mendoza and Andrés Neumeyer will select the papers to be presented in the academic sessions.

If you are interested in traveling in the region around the days of the workshop, some interesting spots are the Atacama Desert and the Altiplano in the north, the lakes and volcanoes in the south, and the Pacific side of Patagonia in the deep south. East of the Andes you can visit Buenos Aires and other regions of Argentina.

Please, fill out this form to indicate your willingness to participate in the IX Workshop in International Economics and Finance. You may also do so by sending an email to

The deadline for submitting papers is December 15, 2006. Papers must be submitted by email to in PDF format. The program will be posted in the workshop's web site,, by January 15, 2007.

Please pass the news of this conference to other potentially interested scholars. We are especially interested in reaching advanced graduate students and young assistant professors.

Guillermo Calvo, Inter American Development Bank

Tito Cordella, The World Bank

José de Gregorio, Banco Central de Chile

Enrique Mendoza, University of Maryland

Pablo Andrés Neumeyer, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella